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Paris Hilton Court Drama

June 9, 2007

OK. is it just me, or has this whole Paris Hilton Goes Back To Jail fiasco been blown WAY outta proportion?

I mean, is it just that slow of a news day, that they have nothing else to cover, other than Paris being taken to the courthouse. I mean, yea. I understand that, that is news. People are interested in seeing what happens. But is it absolutely necessary to have papparrazi staked out at her house and a dozen news choppers hovering above her as she’s being driven to the courthouse?

Whatever happened to REAL news? Like other stories from today:


Don’t get me wrong. I do find alot of humor in the fact that Paris was dragged out of the courtroom, crying and screaming “MOM!” I find alot of humor in that. I can only pray that someone in that courtroom turned on their cellphone, and recorded the whole event. C’mon YouTube Gods!

In the meantime, here’s a rather nice Paris video:

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