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The End of the Sopranos

June 12, 2007

So the end has come to one of the greatest series on television. The Sopranos.

I haven’t watched the finale yet, but I hear it was pretty intense. In fact, I heard that the sudden and abrupt ending left viewers stunned. I wish I could’ve watched the finale to season 7, but I don’t have HBO anymore, so I have to wait for my DVR to catch it.

But for those who saw the ending and had a strong opinion about it. Well, apparently you are not alone.  The Soprano’s ambiguous ending left  people wondering. Wondering what happened to the Soprano Family as they casually dine. Within those 10 seconds of darkness, more conspiracy theories hatched in those moments then the entire day of September 12th.  Here’s a good story about the Sopranos Series Finale Ending.

Here’s a good clip of Tony Soprano I found on YouTube:

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