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Lil’ Bush on Comedy Central

June 21, 2007

Has anyone seen this show called Lil’ Bush on Comedy Central?

I caught it last nite right before the Daily Show. It is really funny! I was cracking up. It’s an animated show that portray’s President Bush as a little kid growing up, with the other President George H. Bush and Barbara Bush. His childhood friends are Condi, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

I’ve only seen this one episode, but it was Lil’ Bush going to school with Lil’ Kim Jong Il. Lil’ Kim is the neighborhood bully that constantly breaks Lil’ Bush toys. Then Lil’ Bush will start to cry. So, then Lil’ Bush would then plot against Lil’ Kim with preemptive pranks. Then some how Lil’ Bush ended up at Camp David, with all the other children. Who decides to plot against the rival Camp Al Qaeda. It’s something you have to see, in order to get the whole picture.

It’s a really dumb show, but hilariously addictive. I looked around on YouTube, and there aren’t any good clips. They have some clips, but they are really low quality animations, that are not what the actual Lil Bush show looks like.

Here’s one clip I thought was pretty good.

FREE PARIS NOW! (no, not really.)

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The Price Is Right

May 31, 2007

So, our friends over at Real Peeplz blog found this video on YouTube.

This guy is on The Price is Right, and he has gotta be one of the dumbest people to ever play this game. Just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean…

What a moron! Check out this girl. I thought Bob Barker was gonna shove that microphone up her colon.

hahahahaha!!!! I can’t believe she actually won the freakin’ car. People are so dumb. It cracks me up!

BUT this guy! This is hilarious! Some random stoner goes onto The Price Is Right, and repeatedly bids 4:20. Bob has no idea what’s going on, but the audience sure does. Classic.

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YouTube Video – Noah Kalina

May 29, 2007

YouTube is a pretty cool tool. Rather Addicting, too. You can type in anything that comes to mind, and most likely, there is a video for it.

I found this video of a guy named Noah Kalina who took a picture of himself everyday for six years, and then looped it all together to make one really cool video. It’s strange how his facial expression doesn’t seem to change for the duration of six years. Great Idea. Very impressive.

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