YouTube Video – Noah Kalina

May 29, 2007

YouTube is a pretty cool tool. Rather Addicting, too. You can type in anything that comes to mind, and most likely, there is a video for it.

I found this video of a guy named Noah Kalina who took a picture of himself everyday for six years, and then looped it all together to make one really cool video. It’s strange how his facial expression doesn’t seem to change for the duration of six years. Great Idea. Very impressive.

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UFC 71: Liddell vs Jackson

May 27, 2007

Did anyone watch the UFC 71 fights tonite? Liddell vs. Jackson, was the main fight.

Holy Toledo! What a shocker. Chuck Liddell stunned in the first round. Quentin Jackson connected with a right that put Liddell on the his back. Without hesitation, Jackson pounced on top of a defenseless Liddell. Throwing fists and elbows at Liddell’s head. Jackson connected two consecutive hits to Liddells face. Ref calls the match.

He was out. KO!

I couldn’t believe it!

I thought Liddell would take it. Wonder when the next rematch will be.

Here’s a youtube clip of the UFC 71 promo:

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Dog Constipation

May 26, 2007

How about this for starting of the random blog with something absolutely random.

Does anyone know anything about Dog Constipation? Because I have a 4 1/2 year old pit bull, who is constipated. I really dont know why and I am trying to correct this. She wont’ eat pumpkin and I dont’ know what else to try.

This site about Dog Constipation says you can give them Grape Nuts Flakes, but that sounds suspicious. Anyone know of anything? Please let me know.

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