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Everybody Should Digg Jericho

October 28, 2007

So, if you haven’t heard about the CBS show Jericho, then you must be living on an island, because it is one of the best shows on television.It takes place in the small town of Jericho, kansas. There is a nuclear attack on the United States. Imagine a nuclear 9/11 happening in the ~15 biggest cities in the US, all in the same day.

As a result, the United States is basically shut down and communities have to suddenly find a way to survive on what they have locally. No electricity. Little gas. Very little food. Nobody knows if the President, Congress, Governors are still alive. Chaos.

Do you think your community could survive something like that?

Apparently, only a small, but dedicated, group of people watch this show (myself included). Not enough for CBS to continue on with the show, so after the Spring 2007 season, CBS announced they were canceling Jericho.

This should’ve been the end of it, right? Not quite.

As reported on the Randomness Blog a few months ago, Jericho Fans literally went NUTS! They started mailing in thousands of packages of nuts to CBS headquarters & CBS affiliates all around the country. The overwhelming public outcry, plus the 20 TONS of nuts, forced CBS to reconsider the cancellation of jericho.

Not too long afterwards, CBS announced that Jericho would return. The passion of the viewers triumphed for an extra 7 episodes of Jericho. But CBS was quick to note that in order for there to be MORE Jericho, they would need to see MORE Jericho fans.

So, on this official digg day for jericho, I would like to ask everyone to tune in and watch Jericho this upcoming season. And if someone submits this to digg, then digg this to the front! Help spread the word of Jericho!

Jericho on CBS - Watch It!