Everybody Should Digg Jericho

October 28, 2007

So, if you haven’t heard about the CBS show Jericho, then you must be living on an island, because it is one of the best shows on television.It takes place in the small town of Jericho, kansas. There is a nuclear attack on the United States. Imagine a nuclear 9/11 happening in the ~15 biggest cities in the US, all in the same day.

As a result, the United States is basically shut down and communities have to suddenly find a way to survive on what they have locally. No electricity. Little gas. Very little food. Nobody knows if the President, Congress, Governors are still alive. Chaos.

Do you think your community could survive something like that?

Apparently, only a small, but dedicated, group of people watch this show (myself included). Not enough for CBS to continue on with the show, so after the Spring 2007 season, CBS announced they were canceling Jericho.

This should’ve been the end of it, right? Not quite.

As reported on the Randomness Blog a few months ago, Jericho Fans literally went NUTS! They started mailing in thousands of packages of nuts to CBS headquarters & CBS affiliates all around the country. The overwhelming public outcry, plus the 20 TONS of nuts, forced CBS to reconsider the cancellation of jericho.

Not too long afterwards, CBS announced that Jericho would return. The passion of the viewers triumphed for an extra 7 episodes of Jericho. But CBS was quick to note that in order for there to be MORE Jericho, they would need to see MORE Jericho fans.

So, on this official digg day for jericho, I would like to ask everyone to tune in and watch Jericho this upcoming season. And if someone submits this to digg, then digg this to the front! Help spread the word of Jericho!

Jericho on CBS - Watch It!


What If Hippies Ruled The World

September 20, 2007

What if hippies ruled the world? What would things be like? Would we be at war right now? Would money be tie-dyed?

Here are some pic’s I found online that made me think about what it would be like if hippies ruled the world.

Hippy Drink

Hemp Kiwi

Hippy Stoplight

Hippy Cow

He Legalized It

Hippy Lemon

Hippy Deck of Cards


Stop Motion

August 26, 2007

So has anyone seen some of these stop motion videos on YouTube? There are some really cool stop motion videos on YouTube! I linked a couple of the stop motion videos for you guys to check out.

Lil’ Bush on Comedy Central

June 21, 2007

Has anyone seen this show called Lil’ Bush on Comedy Central?

I caught it last nite right before the Daily Show. It is really funny! I was cracking up. It’s an animated show that portray’s President Bush as a little kid growing up, with the other President George H. Bush and Barbara Bush. His childhood friends are Condi, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

I’ve only seen this one episode, but it was Lil’ Bush going to school with Lil’ Kim Jong Il. Lil’ Kim is the neighborhood bully that constantly breaks Lil’ Bush toys. Then Lil’ Bush will start to cry. So, then Lil’ Bush would then plot against Lil’ Kim with preemptive pranks. Then some how Lil’ Bush ended up at Camp David, with all the other children. Who decides to plot against the rival Camp Al Qaeda. It’s something you have to see, in order to get the whole picture.

It’s a really dumb show, but hilariously addictive. I looked around on YouTube, and there aren’t any good clips. They have some clips, but they are really low quality animations, that are not what the actual Lil Bush show looks like.

Here’s one clip I thought was pretty good.

FREE PARIS NOW! (no, not really.)

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The End of the Sopranos

June 12, 2007

So the end has come to one of the greatest series on television. The Sopranos.

I haven’t watched the finale yet, but I hear it was pretty intense. In fact, I heard that the sudden and abrupt ending left viewers stunned. I wish I could’ve watched the finale to season 7, but I don’t have HBO anymore, so I have to wait for my DVR to catch it.

But for those who saw the ending and had a strong opinion about it. Well, apparently you are not alone.  The Soprano’s ambiguous ending left  people wondering. Wondering what happened to the Soprano Family as they casually dine. Within those 10 seconds of darkness, more conspiracy theories hatched in those moments then the entire day of September 12th.  Here’s a good story about the Sopranos Series Finale Ending.

Here’s a good clip of Tony Soprano I found on YouTube:

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Paris Hilton Court Drama

June 9, 2007

OK. is it just me, or has this whole Paris Hilton Goes Back To Jail fiasco been blown WAY outta proportion?

I mean, is it just that slow of a news day, that they have nothing else to cover, other than Paris being taken to the courthouse. I mean, yea. I understand that, that is news. People are interested in seeing what happens. But is it absolutely necessary to have papparrazi staked out at her house and a dozen news choppers hovering above her as she’s being driven to the courthouse?

Whatever happened to REAL news? Like other stories from today:


Don’t get me wrong. I do find alot of humor in the fact that Paris was dragged out of the courtroom, crying and screaming “MOM!” I find alot of humor in that. I can only pray that someone in that courtroom turned on their cellphone, and recorded the whole event. C’mon YouTube Gods!

In the meantime, here’s a rather nice Paris video:

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Jericho on CBS

June 7, 2007

Does anyone watch Jericho on CBS?

It usually comes on wendesday nite. It’s about a small town in Kansas. The US is attacked with multiple nuclear bombs, and the show portrays how this small town copes with a rapidly changing world. No Electricity. You have to grow your own food just to eat. Neighboring towns battle each other over the local crops. It’s what I would imagine a small American town in the late 1800’s.

Jericho is a good show, but the ratings haven’t been there. They went on a long break, kinda like LOST, and when they came back with new episodes, they lost millions of viewers, and never really gained them back.

About a month ago, CBS decided to cancel the show. Gave it the axe! That should be the end of the story, right?


Apparently, Jericho has a very strong fan base. These crazy Jericho-Fans rallied the troops and bombarded CBS with complaints and over 50,000lbs of nuts. Over $40,000 worth of nuts. Yes, you heard me right. Jericho fans sent in thousands of pounds of peanuts to CBS headquarters.

The reason why they did this, is because in the show. The main character, played by Skeet Ulrich, says ‘Nuts!’ to a neighboring-city mayor’s demand that they leave their own town. Instead, they are about to have a big fight. A little war over the town of Jericho, Kansas.

The point of all of this was that they were protesting the cancelation of Jericho and they wanted CBS to reverse the decision. After a month of debating inside CBS, they have reversed their decision and Jericho will get 7 more episodes next fall.

I really like this show. I’m glad it’s coming back. It’s a great show. I recommend you watch it while you still can.

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Arrogant Waiters

June 3, 2007

So, I had the weirdest thing happen to me last nite. I go and meet up with an old college buddy who I only see once a year… if that. Well, he happens to be in town, (on the other freakin’ side of town), so we decide to hook up for a beer or whatever.

Like I said, he was on the other side of town. A part of Houston I don’t think I’ve ever been too. Maybe driven thru on the freeway, but would NEVER think about exiting, even for gas. So here I am, trying to find some sort of a pub to meet him at and drink a few beers. Local Houston Beer.

The only clubs/bars I’m finding, are ones named Harlem Room & Ebony Club. Not the place that a whiteboy wants to walk into by himself, if you know what I mean.

So, I end up driving way the hell out of my way to meet up with him, which I was more than willing to do, because he’s one of my best friends. We end up finding some random bennigan’, and tucked ourselves away in there.

This is where shit started to get a little strange. We had a waiter/bartender that was either one of the coolest waiters ever, or one of the cockiest, most arrogant waiters I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to explain, but he was basically a dick to the girls we were with, because they were so indecisive. I would’ve been a dick to these girls too…

In the end, it turned out that he had a good personality that I liked, but the girls we were with didn’t like him too much, obviously. He also hooked us up with a BUNCH of free drinks. I only drank two beers, but he only charged me for one, Which was pretty cool, and smart for him. Because I ended up hooking up with a phat tip.

It got me thinking about my days of waiting tables, and how much fun it was interacting with all sorts of different people. Thats where I really learned how strange people really are. There’s a bunch of weirdos and creeps out there.

Anyways, I found this video on YouTube which should remind us all to RESPECT YOUR WAITER!!!

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The Price Is Right

May 31, 2007

So, our friends over at Real Peeplz blog found this video on YouTube.

This guy is on The Price is Right, and he has gotta be one of the dumbest people to ever play this game. Just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean…

What a moron! Check out this girl. I thought Bob Barker was gonna shove that microphone up her colon.

hahahahaha!!!! I can’t believe she actually won the freakin’ car. People are so dumb. It cracks me up!

BUT this guy! This is hilarious! Some random stoner goes onto The Price Is Right, and repeatedly bids 4:20. Bob has no idea what’s going on, but the audience sure does. Classic.

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Third Eye Gear

May 29, 2007

So, I am very excited to announce that there is a new website opening up this week, where they will be selling funny t-shirts and stickers. It’s called Third Eye Gear.

I’ll have more information about Third Eye Gear when it becomes available to me.

Offensive Tshirts

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